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Sting Proof Bee Suit - Light Weight & Maximum Bee Protection Clothing for Beginner Beekeepers

Sting Proof Bee Suit - Light Weight & Maximum Bee Protection Clothing for Beginner Beekeepers

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CocobeeUSA Sting Proof Ultra Breeze Bee Suit comes with:

  • Fencing Veil
  • YKK Zippers
  • Ultra Light Weight 
  • Maximum Bee Protection Clothing for Beginner Beekeepers..!


Extract Your Honey Or Harvest Your Beeswax With Safety & Comfort Thanks To This Ultra Light Ventilated Beekeeping Suit Brought To You By CocobeeUSA Beekeeping Supply!

  • Are you looking for a high-end quality Light Weight Vented Suit for your everyday work in the bee yard?
  • Do you need a Bee Suit that covers your whole body and Includes a Hood?
  • Would you care for a beekeeping Suit that is for men and women that will offer you protection, but without making you feel suffocated or uncomfortable?

If so, then this is your lucky day, because CocobeeUSA Beekeeping Supply has designed just the thing you're looking for! This beekeeping Professional Beekeeping Suit is made of a Thick Mesh and Cotton that has been sanforized making it harder for the stings to make it through the mesh. Making it an ideal choice for both professionals and beginners!

6 + 1 Features Which Explain Why Our Suit Is highly recommended by many commercial and rooftop beekeepers

Removable Fencing Veil Hood!
Durable Stretchy Thumb Straps!
Tailored Size Fit!
Ultra Breathable
Classic Design & Quality Construction!

Get Your Own Protective Beekeepers Ventilated Suit All You Need To Do Is Click "Add To Cart"!

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Customer Reviews

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No more stings fully ventilated bee suit..

Very cool in hot days and fully sting proof bee suit....:)